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Discover Geneva

The lake, the old town and the many boutiques...

Located close to Lake Geneva and at the heart of the city and the commercial district, a stay at the Hotel de la Cigogne will allow you to immerse yourself in Geneva’s singular atmosphere. From the hotel, you’ll discover a town overflowing with charm, with the main monuments, the luxury boutiques of the Rue du Rhône, Lake Geneva and a glorious natural environment all within a short distance. Under the watchful gaze of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, take in the city’s historic centre, full of floral terraces and book markets, as well as gardens, quayside promenades and museums. History, culture, art and nature are all on the menu as you explore Geneva.

  • The old town

    Take a walk around the cobbled streets of Geneva’s old town and discover the many jewels stashed away in its two main districts –  Saint Gervais on the right bank of the Rhône and Cité-Centre on the left/ The fortified Medieval city, home to the Hôtel de Ville and the Jardin Anglais, nestles under the protective shadow of the Saint Pierre Cathedral.

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  • Saint-Pierre Cathedral

    Listed as a “European Heritage” site and the most visited monument in Geneva, visit the Saint-Pierre Cathedral with its neo-classical façade, its Gothic and Romanesque capitals, its Chapelle des Macchabées and its archaeological site. Take the 157 steps up to the top of the towers, which provide an incredible panoramic view over the city, Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains.
    Just 10 minutes away from the Hotel de la Cigogne, the towers of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral offer you a unique view of the city of Geneva and Lake Geneva.

  • The Jet d’eau

    From our hotel near Lake Geneva, you can admire city’s famous water jet. Known as the Jet d’eau in French, it rises over 140 metres into the air in the heart of the bay. This symbol of Geneva was created in the 19th century to relieve pressure in the municipal water system, and it is illuminated every evening. The Jet d’eau is in action practically all year round, rising up 140 m into the air with water being ejected at a speed of 200 km per hour. One of the symbols of Geneva, it is visible from numerous points in the city centre, with the best viewing spot being the Bains des Pâquis beach.

  • Horloge Fleurie

    Just a few metres from the hotel at the very heart of the Jardin Anglais, discover Geneva’s most visited flowerbed – the “Horloge Fleurie” (Floral Clock)! This floral masterpiece, which changes with the seasons, has existed since 1955. This masterpiece, composed of eight dials, hands and a second hand spanning over two metres, epitomises Geneva’s mastery in both watchmaking and gardening. The time is controlled by satellite, while the colours of the flowers are regularly changed.

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  • The Palace of Nations

    At a world level, Geneva’s Palace of Nations is the most important UN base after the headquarters in New York. It is also the busiest international conference centre in the world, with nearly 8000 meetings per year. You can visit the Palace of Nations in Geneva from Monday to Friday, with visits lasting around one hour. The Human Rights Room, renowned for the magnificent sculpture covering the ceiling, is worth the effort of visiting alone. From the Hotel de la Cigogne, it takes around 10 minutes by taxi to reach the Palace of Nations.

  • Geneva’s museums

    Geneva has an invaluably rich heritage, epitomised by the fact that no less than 40 museums dot the city of John Calvin, from art museums and galleries to public and private museums. There’s something on all fields of knowledge, including art (the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, the Centre d’Art Contemporain), botanics (the Conservatory and Botanical Garden), literature (the Institut Voltaire), science (the Natural History Museum) and, of course, watchmaking (the Musée Patek Philippe). The International Red Cross museum is also not to be missed.

  • Lake Geneva

    From the Hotel de la Cigogne, Lake Geneva has a range of activities to offer. Cross the Pont du Mont-Blanc bridge towards the left bank of the lake and admire the Monument Brunswick, which houses the tomb of Duke Charles II of Brunswick. This rich 19th century noble left his fortune to the city of Geneva on the condition that they construct a replica of the Scaliger mausoleums in Verona in his honour. As you wander along the quayside, you’ll encounter the Pâquis pier, which can be spotted by its lighthouse. Here you’ll find Geneva’s public bathing area. From here you can also enjoy one of the many cruises offered along the lake.